The basis of the company’s activities is the principle of cooperation with leading manufacturers supplying only the best ingredients.

More than 25 years Orion product represents famous foreign manufacturers, which have many years of experience, established tradition, well-tested and constantly improving technology and guaranteed quality control. These are the aspects which allow us to provide the best terms of supplying the goods for our clients.

Now the company Orion product represents the interests of a number of foreign companies and is the official distributor of the following:

  • Roquette, France
  • Kartoffelmelcentralen a.m.b.a., Denmark
  • Mecklenburger Kartoffelveredlung GmbH, Germany

All the products are certified and meet the requirements of state standards of the Russian Federation. When we wholesale our products, we pay special attention to quality and make every effort to ensure that our company’s reputation is impeccable.

The supplying products are intended for all branches of national economy. It is include: food industry, catering, medical, cosmetic, biotechnical, agricultural, technical industry and many other branches.

When working with a client our company Orion product uses a client-oriented approach that takes into account the specifics and features of each partner’s work, which makes it possible to provide an optimal assortment list, as well as a flexible pricing policy.

We provide advisory services and technological support right up to the development and delivery of the product that best meets the requirements of a specific customer. These factors are based on the trust and regard of our customers, among them facilities of various profiles and spheres of activity throughout Russia.